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Outdoor fitness classes based in the stunning grounds of Mount Ephraim near Faversham, Kent.

Stretching and Balance

All Abilities

Whether you are a couch potato or a fitness freak, our sessions will help improve your cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone and sense of humour! Each session begins with a briefing followed by a gradual warm-up. If you have any injuries or limitations, share these with your instructor prior to the session and we can adapt exercises to accommodate you. Once the warm-up is completed we move onto the main part of the session where you will be assigned a level depending on your ability. Within the group, we have multiple ability levels and the intensity of the sessions will be adjusted accordingly; fitter athletes will have higher intensity workouts and beginners will have slightly lower intensity workouts with longer recovery periods. As the session draws towards its conclusion we gradually start to reduce the intensity and lead you through a cool down and stretching session to help avoid injuries.

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Variety and Focus

No two JAG sessions are the same. By changing the exercises and the intensity, we keep your body adapting, getting stronger, more mobile and fitter. During some sessions, we may play games to challenge your cardio fitness, while in others we might focus more on strength or mobility, or a combination of techniques. By continually changing the training methods, the group stays focussed and challenged. Very few people get great results by repeating the same exercise over and over, so with JAG sessions, you quickly see the results of your efforts. 
Our sessions are scheduled with at least a days to rest in between each session, this allows time for your body to recover and to adapt (grow muscle). To get the best results you should aim to attend two to three sessions each week but even one session a week you will quickly see the benefits.

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We are very lucky to be able to offer our training throughout the year within the 800-acre site of Mount Ephraim near Faversham, Kent. This stunning location offers a huge variety of terrain to ensure every session is uniquely challenging. Away from the distractions of modern life, the fresh air and tranquillity of the gardens offer a unique setting for you to focus on your own well being.

Mount Ephraim Gardens are open to visitors all summer if you would like details about visiting please see their website

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