COVID-19 Timetable

  • Due to Government guidelines we have limited attendance of each class to 5 members plus 1 instructor. 

  • We are running multiple sessions each of 30 mins. Members are required to arrive 15 mins early and follow the warm up directions set out in the car park.

  • Please read our instructions for COVID-19

  • Most weekday evenings and Saturday mornings we are running 4 classes per day.

MONDAY 1800-1830hrs

MONDAY 1830-1900hrs

MONDAY 1900-1930hrs

MONDAY 1930-2000hrs

TUESDAY 1830-1900hrs

TUESDAY 1900-1930hrs

WEDNESDAY 1800-1830hrs

WEDNESDAY 1830-1900hrs

WEDNESDAY 1900-1930hrs

WEDNESDAY 1930-2000hrs

SATURDAY 0800-0830hrs

SATURDAY 0830-0900hrs

SATURDAY 0900-0930hrs

SATURDAY 0930-1000hrs

Bonus sessions suspended on COVID-19 Timetable

Normal Timetable​

  • Unlimited class size

  • Class duration 60 mins

MONDAY 1900-2000hrs

WEDNESDAY 1900-2000hrs

SATURDAY 0900-1000hrs

Monthly bonus session


Location: Mount Ephraim Gardens,Staplestreet Road, Hernhill, Faversham, Kent, ME13 9TX

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