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Bonus Sessions

Each month in the summer we aim to offer a bonus session to our members. These fitness sessions as the names suggest are a bonus (and a big thank you from Jamie & Gerrard for your support). Attendance of these do not count towards any membership limits (they are free members) so if you are on a once a week membership you can do your normal JAG session and a bonus session in the same week.

On our members' Facebook page, we offer members the chance to vote for their desired location and theme of the session. By varying the location and exercise stimulus, this is another way to improve your fitness. 

Examples of these sessions may be a run at Blean Woods or a session on the shingle at Tankerton, or a hill session at Herne Bay. They are usually run on a Thursday evening between 1900-2000hrs or a Sunday morning 0930-1030hrs. All details can be found on our member's Facebook page.

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